1.Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We will not provide third parties with your personal information in principle and will not use your personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use below:

  • Providing services on the Website and information related to us to customers.
  • Dealing with server failure and other troubles.
  • For the effort to improve the quality of customer service including through sending questionnaires to customers for survey analysis.

2.Disclosure to Third Parties

We do not provide your personal information to any third parties except when:

  • The customer agrees to disclose.
  • We consign the handling of personal information within the scope of achievement of Purpose of Use.
  • Disclosure is enforced by law and regulation.
  • There is inquiry by legal authorities such as court of law.
  • We judged such disclosure fall under emergency escape or justifiable defense.

3.Change, Correction or Deletion of Personal Information

When we are requested by a customer to disclose, change, correct or delete his/her personal information, we disclose, change correct or delete the personal information in the proper manner only if we could confirm the identity of the customer.

4.About Cookies

We use “cookies” to improve your experience on our website.
This technology does not invade your privacy or have adverse effects on your computer.

5.To protect customer’s personal information

We improve our privacy policy in accordance with revision of laws and ordinances and changes in social situation.


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